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Xinyu South Wollastonite Co.,ltd

Xinyu South Wollastonite Co.,ltd. was founded in January 1994. It is a large-scale and specialized group company engaged in wollastonite mining, research and development, fine processing and sales integration in Asia.
The company now has the mining rights of three wollastonite mines in Caofangmiao mining area, Licun mining area and Yueguang Mountain mining area. The total storage capacity of wollastonite is more than 25 million tons, and the annual mining and fine processing of wollastonite series products is about 250000 tons.

The company cooperates closely with universities and national scientific research institutions to form an industry-university-research alliance development pattern based on Wuhan University and China University of Mining and Technology. The company has a number of national invention patent technologies and new practical technologies. It is a high-tech enterprise and an important wollastonite industry in my country. New material research, development and production base.

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Application areas

Special for ceramics



Special for building materials



Special for paint and paint



Special for welding



special for metallurgy



special for papermaking



Rubber and plastic special




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