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Company Team

General Manager Shen Jianjun


Born in February 1983, graduate student, graduated from Renmin University of China.

Representative of the People's Congress of Yushui District, Xinyu City People's Congress, Executive Vice Chairman of Xinyu Youth Chamber of Commerce, Executive Vice Chairman of Xinyu Youth Union, Executive Director of Jiangxi Entrepreneurs Association and Enterprise Confederation, Executive Director of Jiangxi International Investment Promotion Association, Member of Jiangxi Youth Union Standing Committee, Member of China Enterprise Young Entrepreneurs Association, Member of China Nonmetallic Mineral Expert Committee, Executive Director of China Nonmetallic Mineral Industry Association, Deputy Secretary-General of China Wollastonite Professional Committee.

He has successively won the title of scientific and technological talents in Yushui District of Xinyu City, top ten outstanding young entrepreneurs in Xinyu City, top ten outstanding young people in Xinyu City, nomination of May 4th Youth Medal of Jiangxi Province, excellent factory manager of Jiangxi Province, and excellent entrepreneur of China non-metallic Mining Industry Association.

Technical consultant Zheng Shuilin
· Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing)
· Director of Non-metallic Mineral Branch of China Silicate Society
· Vice President of China Particle Society
· Vice President and Expert Team Leader of China Non-mining Association
· Member of China Building Materials Federation
· Member of Key Academic Committee of Clay Minerals, Ministry of Land and Resources
· Published 19 scientific and technological works, published more than 300 papers
Nearly 40 invention patents

Sun Zhiming, Technical Consultant
· Doctor of Engineering, Associate Professor, Graduate Supervisor
· Yuezaki Young Scholar
· Secretary General of Mineral Materials Branch of China Silicate Society
· Deputy Secretary-General of Mineral Processing and Utilization Committee of China Non-Mining Association
· Youth Director of China Particle Society
· Published more than 60 academic papers
· Publication of 1 book
· 6 patents for invention